ANNUAL SUBS 2018-2019

Annual subs are due from all members who attend training or matches. This helps to pay for
affiliation to England Hockey, Midlands Hockey and Nottinghamshire Hockey Associations as well as umpiring fees, coaching and insurance. As a result it is important that all members help towards these fees.

For any new members who join during the season or for anyone who pays all of their annual subs then the following subs apply:

Adult A?40
Unemployed/Student A?20
Under 16 as of 30/09/2018 A?20

Match Subs

These mainly go towards the cost of the pitch, travel and after match
teas. These are to be kept as the same as previous years and are to be
collected before each match.

Adult A?10
Unemployed/Student A?5
Under 16 as of 30/09/2018 A?5