Club Policies & Forms

Below are the clubs policies which cover any legislative requirements. These policies are reviewed and accepted by the committee at least every 12 months. If policies are breached by any member of the club then necessary action will be taken as detailed by the relevant document. We politely request all members and potential members to please read the following documents by clicking the links below.

  1. MHC Constitution
  2. MHC Committee Roles & Responsibilities
  3. MHC Club Structure
  4. MHC Discipline Policy
  5. MHC Child Safeguarding Policy
  6. MHC Data Protection Policy
  7. MHC Social Media Policy
  8. MHC Code of Conduct

Risk Assessments

Mansfield Hockey Club seeks to ensure the safety and welfare of its members, umpires, volunteers, and coaches during all hockey activities involving the club. This has become especially important while returning to playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see below for both our operations and activities and COVID-19 Risk Assessments.

MHC Registration Form

Mansfield Hockey Club politely requests that all members and potential members fill out the following registration form below and send it to our Club Secretary via email. This form includes emergency contact details and declaration of the MHC Discipline Policy.