About The Club

Mansfield Hockey Club’s humble roots edit your paper started with a casual mixed team in 1950. The team was called St Marks, from a local church to which a number of the founder members belonged, and was nicknamed The Lions’. Over the years the club expanded from an original twelve players creating one team, to a peak of over one hundred members in 1989, entering five men’s teams and two women’s teams in nationally organised competitions, as well as numerous other weekday teams. Over the following two seasons (1989 – 1992) the Club prospered with constant membership, good results and exciting sponsorship deals. In relatively recent history Mansfield have achieved great things and increased the expectations of future achievements. Unfortunately the very highest standards need money and key individuals to support them. The club is now undergoing a promising revitalisation and with a new home edit my paper essaywritingservicehelp.co.uk ground, club coach and refreshed committee, the future looks bright!

Ground Details and Hospitality